Monday, 24 May 2010

10 Things I Love and Hate about Punting

The 10 worst things about punting

1. Watching a horse race unfold via the in-play prices on Betfair, as the runner you backed gets backed into 1.03 before unexpectedly drifting out to 1000 just before the market is suspended.

2. Placing an ante post bet on a runner, only to see it get withdrawn on the day of the event at a much shorter price.

3. Going on a losing run, then having a near thing go agonisingly close which would have turned it around in an instant

4. Trying to explain to the girlfriend why you are getting extremely excited about Fish o Mania

5. Trying to convince your best mate that you only watch the X Factor because you've got money on it

6. Not being able to study form whilst you're at work, and being too tired to do it when you finish!

7. Changing your bet at the last minute only to see the initial proposed wager win in convincing style

8. Going to the Dominican Republic to find that the internet connection is so slow, you couldn't place a bet in play on the London Marathon

9. On course book makers not advertising or offering standard each way terms.

10. When you're trying to back a horse at big odds on the internet, and the firm they can only accept 2.50 of your requested 200 stake

The 10 best things about punting

1. Winning Money

2. Getting the best price, watching it lose, but still feeling satisfied that it was a value bet and in the long run will work out profitable

3. Believing in your own opinion, sticking to your guns by avoiding the lay, and watching your selection repay your trust in them

4. Having mates that have the same interest, you can go to the events to and have a few beers win or lose. It doesn't get much better.

5. Ever improving each way terms with certain firms - E.g. Boyles going 7 places on the Grand National in 2009, and 8 places on the Open in 2008

6. The enjoyment of looking forward to the closing stages of an event, knowing the each way money is already in the bag

7. Getting up early on Saturday morning to get the Racing Post, and watch the Morning Line whilst the majority of people are still asleep

8. The Cheltenham Festival

9. Leaving bets that you are aren't convinced by, saving the money for a punt that you truly believe in

10. ATR!

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